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10 Targeted Steps That Will Make Your Blog A Success

  Getting into the world of online business can be a hard learning curve. 97% of people that try fail, why? because they get caught up in the shiny object syndrome and believe that buying into a program that is going to make them millionaires overnight will solve all their problems. Not True!! Basically, there… Read More »

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The Harsh Truth About Starting An Online Business

   Reasons why you find it hard to succeed with an online business.   You are looking to make quick easy money…Why? Because You expect something for nothing? You come across a hurdle that’s too high to get over and you give up….Defeatist!! You get distracted by all the hype and shiny objects of must haves… Read More »

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working From Home.

Working from home has gathered pace over the last few years as more and more people realise the benefits of a less stressful work life and are able to take advantage of the leaps and bounds the internet world has taken. Although it sounds really good to be able to work your life at your… Read More »

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Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate? Part 2

    Hopefully, you have already seen Part 1 of why you should choose Wealthy Affiliate as your preferred teaching platform to enable you to build your own online business. Here in part 2, I will continue to give you more reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 teaching platform in the world.

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Why Should I Choose Wealthy Affiliate? Part 1

  This is a question that I have been asked over and over again by people coming to my site and inquiring about an online business, and how to get started. The answer I always give is: Because there is no other platform on the internet that incorporates everything you need to start your online… Read More »

Building A Solid Foundation For Online Success

  What is a fundamental foundation? A fundamental foundation is no more than building a solid base to work from. It reminds me of the story of two men who were sent to build a house. The first man looked for the easy route and found a plot of sand, believing it would be easier… Read More »

This Is Why Colours Could Be Harming Your Website

    Colour will always play a major part of our lives. It is probably one of the first things that our brains begin to identify with as we are growing and developing. There is a concept that colour only matters when we are choosing clothes or decorating our houses, but whether we are looking… Read More »

Create An Online Business With A Free Website

  How To Create An Online Business With A Free Website and Profit From It.     Hi I’m Gordon and I began my online business back in December 2014,(without any knowledge of website building or coding), using a program that taught me how to make your own website free and which I rate very highly. This… Read More »

6 Simple Steps That Will Help Improve Your Online Presence

    To give your website every chance to succeed you have to have maximum search engine presence and the higher your page ranks the better likelihood you have of getting those sought after clicks. So how can you improve your chances of reaching page 1 and maintaining your website’s search engine visibility? The most obvious… Read More »

Lacking Traffic? Here are 7 Reasons Why.

   For your online business to succeed you have to have traffic, without traffic you have no customers and with no customers, you have no business.    I sympathise with your frustrations, it can be the hardest thing in the world to get people to find your website, but all is not lost, there are… Read More »

Writing Natural Quality Content

There’s no getting away from it since Google introduced their Panda algorithm back in 2011, quality content is now the be all and end all in getting anywhere near page 1 let alone topping it. So writing natural quality content must be top of the agenda when going in search of getting your site ranked,… Read More »

How to Become A Work At Home Mum

It’s a known fact that women all over the world can compete with men in the business world.They make competent leaders and they also have what it takes to run a company. There are many very successful woman that dominate in the corporate world, and as a stay at home mum, you can have the… Read More »

Why Does Quality Content Matter?

I can’t stress enough how great quality content matters immensely for your website and your blog. There has been much talk about the fact that no one reads, people just scan, because no one has the time to read a whole page, they just want to read what interests them. But they do read if… Read More »

A Black Friday Deal To Benefit You For The Whole Year

It’s getting towards that time when new beginnings are made, new year resolutions are thought about and hopes of a better year than the last are wished for. With the internet growing rapidly each and every year there really is no better way to make those dreams come true than by having your own online business.  … Read More »