Advantages and Disadvantages of Working From Home.

By | April 25, 2016

Working from home has gathered pace over the last few years as more and more people realise the benefits of a less stressful work life and are able to take advantage of the leaps and bounds the internet world has taken.

Although it sounds really good to be able to work your life at your own pace it isn’t all a garden full of roses.

So let’s discover The Advantages and Disadvantages of working from home





Healthier Lifestyle.healthy breakfast

One of the great benefits of working at home is starting the mornings at your own pace, and take your time with that first cup of coffee or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Having a browse through the daily paper, and getting showered and dressed when you feel like it.

Taking that mid-morning break in the garden listening to the birds chirping away while you take your eleven’s.

At lunch time you can enjoy a healthier meal than the quick takeaway from the local cafe, and take all the time you desire, without getting indigestion from eating too fast in the rush to get back to the office.

You will be amazed how much better you feel when your life is set at a slower pace, with more control over your time.


More Family Time.more family toime

You can fit your work schedule around other important things in life, like family.

After all, time spent with loved ones is so important for life’s well-being. You will have more time for integration with the wife/partner/children.



Easier Working Environment.

downloadMost people are more comfortable in their own environment, especially their private home, with all your own facilities within touching distance. Makes for a much easier working environment.





Quieter Working Environment.quieter working enviroment

If you are used to working in an office/factory environment you will appreciate that working in a noisy place of work is the norm.

But working in the peace and tranquillity of your own home gives you so many more advantages, least of all the stress levels that come with work colleagues wanting your attention each and every minute of the day.



Time Saved On Arriving, To And From time

On average a person spends two or more hours travelling to and from work. That’s an average of over 10 hours a week for a 5-day working week- a whole working day gone out of your social time, that you could be invested in things you enjoy instead.


Fewer Distractions.

Distractions come in many forms throughout a normal working day. Phone calls, emails to answer, colleagues wanting to have a chat about the previous night’s antics, or TV not distub It all distracts you from whatever you need to achieve during your day. Working from home does away from any distractions that interfere with the job in hand.




More Productive.

Get more done With fewer distractions your work from home venture becomes more productive, you can concentrate on achieving your goals, and earn an income from the task at hand.




No Time Spent In Traffic.stuck in traffic

The stress involved in the daily commute can be just as high as meeting those deadlines during a day’s work.

Whether you drive, go by train or travel by bus, it’s all about timing- miss your time slot and that’s extra time added to your day.

If you drive into work, you have to contend with that inconsiderate driver that has decided to drive into the car in front thus, causing one hell of a traffic jam and you’re going to be late for that important meeting.

Or there are the wrong leaves on the rail track that have caused your train to be cancelled, or the driver that was going to drive your bus to work has decided to take a sicky and your bus has been cancelled due to staff shortages.

It all adds up to a stressful experience before you even get to the office.



Savings On Travel Costs.

moneybox-158346_1280Did you know that on average 1/6th of your monthly salary goes on getting to and from work?

On average people spend £160.00 a month of their hard earned wages to have the stress involved in travelling to a noisy office/factory or workplace. Another £40 a week that could be invested in your home-based business.



The Perfect Balance Of Work And Play.

A well-structured working day gives you so much more time on your hands for doing the things you enjoy.

When working from home, allocating your work time against your play time becomes so much easier.enjoy the little things in life

You can allow 5/6 hours work and spend the rest of the time doing your own thing: a round of golf, or just up on the putting green for an hour (sorry, golf is my thing)- but the point is you have so much more time to please yourself when you have your own online business.

The balance between work and home activities becomes so much more of a reality.



Lack Of Social Interaction.

When working in an environment with many other people, day chit chat becomes the norm; but of course working from home takes away such social interactionsteam-1480072_1920.

You won’t have that peer to peer contact or face to face discussion that comes with working in an office environment.



Difficulty In Separating Home From Work.

When working and living in the same place, it can become somewhat hard to separate the two.

In these circumstances, it’s vital to have a dedicated space for your work not disturb Your workspace should be your workspace, and family members should be aware that when you are in this space, you are actually there to work.

This will help keep distractions to a minimum.


Self-Discipline / Motivation.

Working at home alone presents a different type of competitive spirit.

Competition in an office environment brings motivation to do a better job than your peers, whereas working from home on your own, your only competitor is yourself.

This could lead to a “That will do” attitude. work from homeSelf-motivation and self-discipline are crucial. With no one but yourself keeping an eye on you, find you can do exactly what you want with your time. Which brings us to….





Depending on how you set out your working environment at home, working alone can present its own form of distractions, especially if you are in the house with family members or even pets.

Interruptions could be frequent and time-consuming. It would be far too easy to turn on the radio or television,get distracted just to break the silence, which would reduce the quantity and quality of your work. It’s always good to remember that although you are in your own home environment a professional attitude whilst “working” must always be at the forefront of your mind. 



Additional Expenses/Overheads.

Ok, making savings on travel costs is a huge benefit. But bear in mind the extra costs involved in working from home- for instance, there might well be an increase in your domestic utility bills, whether it’s electric, gas or even water.

Then there are the setup costs of your project: coincome and expensesmputer/laptops, printers, maybe even a dedicated phone line. These are things that should be taken into consideration when assessing the possibilities of working from home.




So Should I Invest in a Work from Home Job?

When you start thinking about a working from home lifestyle, consider the options.

Don’t be put off by the disadvantages but do think about the affordability.

Working for yourself has great advantages, but can also take some time to prove worthwhile.

Another option could be to start out on a part-time basis in your own free time, evenings, weekends, and build from there. A few sacrifices of your own time now could bear fruits for you in the near future.

I have been working from home now for over 3 years and on a personal basis I wouldn’t trade it back to a 9-5, I feel more comfortable, more relaxed and I am motivated in the work I do and the results I see.

This makes for a much better lifestyle for me and my family and I am very thankful for it and you could be too.


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