How to Become A Work At Home Mum

By | November 27, 2016

It’s a known fact that women all over the world can compete with men in the business world.They make competent leaders and they also have what it takes to run a company. There are many very successful woman that dominate in the corporate world, and as a stay at home mum, you can have the chance of the same success.

What would it take for you to become a work at home mum and run your own home business?



A topic that you have a passion for.

The easiest way to build any online business is to start with something that you have a passion for, ie, cooking. gardening, reading, children, maybe green issues or staying fit and healthy, something that you love doing,write with a passion anything that you can write about with a passion.



Total commitment for 3/4 hours a day(not all in one go).

As long as you can set aside time to work on your business it doesn’t really matter when it is, but 3/4 hours a day/evening is minimum to get your project off the ground. Maybe an hour after you have taken the kids to school and before you get stuck into your daily home chores, another hour set aside before you pick them up from school and another couple of hours in the evening after you have bathed the kids and got them tucked up in bed. There are always little bits of spare time available to work on your business, it is up to you to find it.


Isolation for the “I’m at work time”

Designate a space within your home that is YOUR space, YOUR office and once you are in your space you should be in isolation from the rest of the space Being distracted by the children or other members of your family will have a detrimental effect on your progress in building your online business. Make sure no one else infiltrates your space so as to keep it neat and tidy, keeping everything to do with your business in one place.



A credible teaching program

Creating an online business isn’t a hard task but as a beginner, you will need guidance and tuition as to the best approach to take. A step by step teaching program is essential for you to get started and build out your project. There are many programs out there that will offer you this sort of training, but when you are starting out you must keep your budget to a minimum, so it is best to look for a free introduction to any program before you decide to participate in it. My #1 recommendation is here


Patience for the long haul.

You must be Realistic:

Do not underestimate the time it will take until your home business starts to flourish. It can take up to 2 years of hard work until you see any significant growth, but having said that you could see little sprouts within 6 months. It really does depend on the time and effort you are prepared to put into your work. To build a successful home business from scratch, you are going to see failure sometimes but you should also see your failures as progress and learn from them.

So use the spare time you have to start planning for your future.

Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Business.



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