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By | November 9, 2016



If you are looking to make a quick $1000 overnight, then move on you won’t find it here.

Go and get scammed by a site that will offer you that incentive. If you believe money is that easy to make, Good Luck!!


Alternatively, if you are willing to be patient, be taught the best way to build an online business, ways on how to earn money on the internet that will give you an income for life and realise that there is no quick fix to becoming successful, then I am here to help you achieve that ambition.

The problem I encounter with the majority of people wanting to start out on a life of an online business is Patience. They want to see results immediately. What they don’t realise is that online business is no different to opening a business on the high street.

It takes time and hard work to establish a good business in either concept.

But because it’s the internet,The internet it gives some people the ill-informed notion that with 7 billion people to sell their idea to, all that has to be done is build a website get it indexed with Google and the money will start to roll in.

If it was that easy why do so many people give up at the first hurdle?

No, you see the problem with online business is that you have over 180 million other websites competing for that elusive dollar and no matter what your Niche(topic) is there will be thousands upon thousands of other websites with the same idea.

But an even bigger problem is the search engines. They sift and index the best possible information that they search enginesbelieve is in the best interest of their readers and not many surfers go beyond searching the first page, therefore with only 10 positions(first-page listings) to fight for that makes the battle for supremacy even harder.


Imagine you are back at school and there are 40 pupils in your class, the


teacher(Google) sets out a task of a written composition and the top 10 get a gold star, the rest are left as also-rans.

That is how it is with the search engines, only thousands of times more. They sift out the best articles pertaining to a certain topic and grade them from page 1 to the last page which could be in the hundreds.

Those lucky enough to be recommended get all the traffic(visitors) to their sites and make all the money.

So how do these websites get to be placed on the first page of any search engine?

They know exactly what those principles are looking for, Quality content that is unique, interesting, well written and gives the surfer the answer to exactly what they are searching for.

They know how to set out their posts/pages so that Google can crawl them without difficulty and obtain good marks.

They know which Keywords will get them noticed and where to find them.

If you are still with me and haven’t run for cover in the thought that this is an impossible dream, then the good news is that all this is achievable through good education.freelance writing

Online businesses are built on education, the internet world is evolving every day and things are continuously changing, so you have to keep up with all the movements going forward that this business throws at you.


I am telling you all this because firstly I want you to realise that making money on the internet isn’t a bed of roses, there are thorns attached.

Secondly, I want to offer you the opportunity, to take the chance and see if you are capable of sticking with it to accomplish your ambition.

By trying out this program for 7 days FREE of charge(No Financial Details Asked For), keep your wallet secureyou will get a very good idea if you have what it takes to Build and Maintain an online business for many years to come.


Everything that is possibly needed to achieve success is here within this program, from 2 free websites, to Hosting, Lessons (Text and Video) on how to get started to advanced features of SEO(search engine optimisation), proper use of Keywords, Marketing in all forms and the best ways of Monetising your site.

If you are truly serious about achieving what I have accomplished with hard work and dedication, then the next step is up to you.

I will be on the other side to give you all the guidance you need to get you started, completely Free.


Try it Free for 7 Days



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