Review Of Wealthy Affiliate.


Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Academy


Wealthy Affiliate! A scam or legit?

There are a lot of “Make money online” sites on the net, some legit and a lot not so legit.

I suppose I have an advantage with this review on Wealthy Affiliate, as I  am already a  member, but I will give you an unbiased view, as there isn’t any point in glossing over the programme if there are damp patches.

So I will review from my very own experience of this Company and leave it to you to make your own mind up whether it is a scam or whether it is a truly awesome program.

This Company has been established since 2005 and since those early days the owners


   Kyle and Carson

have built a platform that, as a complete novice at this type of thing I am really learning about Affiliate Marketing secrets and exactly how the whole process works.

The impressive part right from the beginning was that I wasn’t forced to part with a penny, it gave me 7 days to have a look at the program to understand what I was letting myself in for and after 7 days of being a starter member was offered a reduced first months fee which gave me, even more time to get involved and had I decided that this wasn’t  for me, no hassle I could have just walked away not paid another penny, and life goes on.

But I didn’t and I want to tell you why.


Within the first week I had my own domain, my own website and had built my first page on that website, and that was from knowing nothing at all about how to go about building a website, and I am being very honest with you there.

Just see how easy it is to build your own website at Wealthy Affiliate.


I then decided I liked what I was achieving here and made the decision to go premium at the introductory price, which gave me another month of using all the premium tools and everything that goes with it to see if this company was everything that it made itself out to be, and if there were any hidden extra’s, which is what I found with other companies in the same line of business, there wasn’t. I’ve now been here since December 2014.

I suppose if you are looking for something perfect you are going to be looking for a long long time, is anything perfect?, although Wealthy Affiliate does have an overall ranking of 98/100, not too sure where they lose the other 2 because as of yet I’ve not found anything that’s detrimental to them, but don’t forget this is my own opinion and I’m new to Affiliate Marketing so maybe I’m missing where they lose the 2 points.

So if you have got this far in this review you are probably at the same stage as I was going into this type of business, not too sure who to sign up with, and what am I going to get for my money, and is it all worth it?. Let me lay out what you get with Wealthy Affiliate.

What you get


  1. Completely free startup pack with no hidden agenda
  2. You get 2 websites that Wealthy Affiliate host and they are yours to do whatever you want with.
  3. You get 7 whole days to think about subscribing to the discounted premium membership.
  4. You get the most comprehensive training program on the Internet
  5. You get to communicate with a community of 100,000’s for advice and help on any subject.
  6. And you get all this is within the free startup pack.

Yes, all this they give to you for $0 that’s how confident they are in their own product.

As a complete novice I followed their 7-day course and on day 3 I was absolutely ecstatic to find that a keyword I had found using the best keyword tool, actually got ranked in Google on page 2, I have also built 4 websites, that are earning me more than my monthly subscription.

I found the lessons very easy to follow, especially as there are videos explaining everything in detail, which makes life so much easier.

Another thing I found very interesting is a tutorial webinar every week

If there is a better platform for building a business online I challenge you to find it!!

This program is a no-brainer.


I give you one promise, if you can boil a kettle, you can achieve an ongoing business with Wealthy Affiliate, they are that comprehensive in their training.

There’s more to this company than just a program for building a business, there is a community of over 200,000 people all willing to help everyone else to achieve what they are all there for, and amongst those thousands are the owners Kyle and Carson who integrate with the membership every day helping whoever needs their help.

Who is it for

This program is for anyone and everyone, that’s how it has been set up.

If you are a complete novice, you will learn at a tremendous rate.

If you are an expert, looking for a new opening, this program will benefit you.


So how much does all this cost?

From day 1 $0  a free starter pack with all the tools to use and the community to help, you can continue being a starter member for as long as you like, but if you decide to go premium within the first 7 days you will be charged $19 for the first month.

From month 2 and ongoing with no extra outlay it will cost you $49

If you like it so much and think you may stay then there is a yearly discount rate of $359. That’s a 36% saving on your monthly outlay.

For these costs, everything is included, and that is everything.



I liken Wealthy Affiliate to a Business building Facebook:

On Facebook, you have 100,s of friends that are invited.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you have 1000,s of friends that are already installed.

On Facebook, you add comments and Friends “Like”.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you add comments and members “Like”.

On Facebook, you can ask friends questions.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can ask the members questions no matter how trivial.

On Facebook, you can get involved in a discussion.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can get involved in a discussion, via the live chat.

The only difference between Facebook and Wealthy Affiliate?

Facebook is a social platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is a social business building platform for learning the art of online business.

I hope I’ve given you a good insight into what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

You can see more Questions and Answers about this awesome program right here.

Is it a scam? How can it be a scam, you aren’t being forced to part with any money. The decision is completely in your hands. No definitely not, it really is the way forward for anyone interested in building an online business from scratch,

I’ve done this review from my own experience with them and have given an in depth and honest appraisal of how I portray Wealthy Affiliate. 

“Simply the Best, Better than all the Rest”.

My #1 recommendation.

Feel free to contact me, at my personal profile page within Wealthy Affiliate and I will be more than happy to answer your questions before you decide to join up.


Enjoy and remember if you have any comments or questions about my page please free to leave your contribution in the comment box below.

Thank you.



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4 thoughts on “Review Of Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Robert

    Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for writing and letting us know more about Wealthy Affiliate.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start when it comes to making money online
    Keep it up Gordon. Waiting to hear more from you.

  2. Sorin

    Hello Gordon!
    Congratulations on a very well written review. Keep up the good work!

    1. Gdodd Post author

      Thank you Sorin I wrote it as I felt and hopefully the true value of WA has come through


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